Area of services of the Actium – Law firm

Insurance law

The law firm insures the defense of the interests of the insurer, reinsurer, bank insurer, insured, insurance intermediary and injured people.

The law firm intervenes in the making process of insurance products, writing of contracts, and litigations involving execution of insurance contracts, in front of ordinary or arbitration jurisdictions.

Civil liability

The law firm benefits of an important expertise in the field of civil liability in or out of a contract.

Our field of intervention is as wide as the civil liability: personal liability, liability for the deed of others, objective liability (victims of road incident said "29bis", defective products). So we intervene in the case of incidents in the private life, in the road traffic, or in industrial or professional activities.

Prejudice satisfaction

Whatever maybe the cause of the damage (road, shipping, industrial, medical or private life incident, etc), we assist and accompany the injured people to obtain satisfaction for their damage in front of penal and civil jurisdiction. We also represent debtors (e.g. : insurance companies) in the discussion over claimed satisfaction.

Contracts law (sale, companies,…)

The law firm brings its expertise in the area of obligation law and contract law.

We assist and advise the individual and companies on national or international scale, in the negotiation and writing of contracts, and we defend them in front the judiciary or arbitration jurisdiction. We offer and search also with our clients alternatives to the trial.

Our field of expertise includes : sale, private or commercial rent, practices of trade and protection of the consumer, warrant and other form of representation, enterprise contract, services performance, commercial delivery, letters of intent, shareholder agreements, shipping contract…

Construction law

We approach every aspect of civil or penal law of construction for every intervener (master of the work, developer, architect, engineer, builder, subcontractor...).

We intervene in the advising and assisting as well as in the defense in front of arbitration, judiciary or the deontological jurisdiction.

Trade law

We intervene at all phases (consultancy, prelitigation and litigation, search of alternatives to a trial) for the individual or companies, on a national or international scale, in different areas, including : bank and bank insurer, trade practice and consumer protection, debt collection, trade contracts (sale, agency, dealership, franchise, surety law, letters of intent, shareholder agreements, shipping contract).

Firm and non-profit association

Whether for mercantile business or for non-profit associations or foundations, our services extent from writing of the bylaws to the preparation and realization of operations such as reorganization or intern conflicts between associates resolution.

We as well follow companies in difficulties in their step, judiciary or extra judiciary, towards an improvement of their financial or legal situation.