Fees of the Actium – Law firm

The attorney's fees may be calculated in different ways. Actium-law Firm usually uses two feeing methods: the hourly rate and the package.

These methods are consistent with the deontological rules, specifically the O.B.F.G. regulation of November, 27, 2004 concerning the information the lawyer has to communicate to its client about the fees, costs and expenses. More details click here > Fees.

The hourly rate used by the lawyers of the Actium Law Firm depends of the level of complexity of the case that they are intrusted with, their level of expertise and specialization.

We agree on the first meeting on the method that shall be applied to the case, and we also display how our costs and expenses will be taken into account.

In most cases, the total of our fees, costs and expenses cannot be calculated with accuracy from the beginning of our intervention, given the hazards of the cases (proceeding incidents, different degrees of jurisdiction, intervention of different parties, etc.).